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This is a video from a product photography workshop I did in Los Angeles
Portfolio Workshop, Next Meeting on June 16
at 6:30 in my Indy Rental Studio
Building a portfolio

The plan for the workshop is to help people build a group of photos that will enable them to share their version of photography with others, that's their portfolio. Of course any kind of a portfolio can work for this class: fine art, a portrait, commercial, and so on. The key is to get really good feedback about your work, and get help to develop your portfolio. This is a good thing for several reasons: first you get the experience of seeing how people react to your work, and you get feedback about technique that relates to the work you do. The class will also allow us to discuss marketing and presentation as well. In the Portfolio Workshop you'll get feedback from several people, which can be really helpful. In addition the portfolio class will help you develop your ability to think carefully about images. This is a continuing workshop: people come back every month. Not only do you have more opportunities to refine your presentation, you can also present different portfolios. Each person is encouraged two bring two photographs each month. We'll meet at my new studio 971B North Delaware. Only $20.00

We'll have a new workshop at
Indy Rental Studio soon
Help us choose the subject!
What would you like to do with your camera? Please let us know! Portraiture, microscopy, motorcycles... just let me know what you would like to learn. Keep watching this space for updates. Have an idea? Send an e-mail to me! Thanks!
lighting class

Join me at For An Online Photography Course!
I teach photography at I currently offer an introduction to working with strobes, called An Introduction to Photographic Lighting as well as Portrait Lighting and Commercial Photography. You can take these classes online. I hope you will e-mail me if you have any questions.