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Hand Assembling Lenses for the View Camera

ViewCamera Magazine July 2002

Camera Building

The Large Format Journal Summer 2006

The Decisive Moment

ASMP Focus Magazine August 2002

Setting up a Photo Studio on a Budget

Photo Techniques Magazine January/February 2007

Lighting Steve McQueen's Motorcycle

Photo Techniques Magazine March/April 2004

The Essentials of Strobe Syncing

Photo Techniques Magazine July/August 2007

Balancing Foreground And
Background Lights

Photo Techniques Magazine May/June 2004

Hard Decisions and Soft Light

Photo Techniques Magazine November/
December 2007

Using Slide Projectors for Studio Effects

Photo Thechniques Magazine September/October 2004

HDR Versus Lights

Photo Techniques Magazine March/April 2008


Photo Thechniques Magazine January/February 2005

Tools of Light

Photo Techniques Magazine November/December 2008

Interior Lighting: How The Pros Do It

Photo Thechniques Magazine July/August 2005

Rebuilding After the Fire

The Magazine of Santa Clarita

Inventive Lighting:
A Lighting Pro Uses A Bowl To Show Some Creative Techniques

Photo Thechniques Magazine November/December 2005

Hard & Soft Light
Use One, Or Both, for Portrait Work

Expert Photo Techniques, From Shutterbug November 2009

One Light Portraiture

Photo Thechniques Magazine January/February 2006

Reflecting About Reflections

Photo Thechniques Magazine July/August 2006

Matting and Mounting Your Photographs

Photo Thechniques Magazine May/June 2006

An Approach to Interior Lighting

Photo Thechniques Magazine May/June 2010

An Exercise in Studio Lighting

PhotoFlash Magazine August 2006

People at Work

Shutterbug Magazine
June 2010

Photography Exposure Basics: Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO

PhotoFlash Magazine August 2006

Strobe Power

Photo Thechniques Magazine September/October 2010